India's digital first economy will change logistics landscape

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Chennai / India / December 2017

A high level market analysis of digital development and its impact on Indian logistics  by Olivier Nonneman, Supply Network Analyst  Ahlers


1. Introduction

As India feels increasing pressure from strong digital economies such as the USA and China, the Indian government decided to invest massively in internet accessibility and digital growth. The country’s existing challenges can only be overcome with entrepreneurial determination, which is spreading at a quick pace. New business models, digital platforms and data-based services are shaping a new Indian market. Rapid change is occurring not only on an economic, but also on a social scale.

With the introduction of the nationwide digital system India Stack, the Indian population was catapulted into the digital age for good. India Stack is the largest open Application Programming Interface (API) in the world. The groundworks for the application were laid back in 2009, with the launch of Aadhaar, a sophisticated ID-system which provided a unique ID number for 99% of the population. The number was and is based on individual biometric and geographic data. By having a biometrically-verifiable identity number, the government ...


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