We recruit, train and manage your crew

From long before they step on board your vessel to the moment they steer her safely into port

Maritime Services
Crew Management


Full access to our extensive personnel database, and beyond

We’re pretty used both to planning far ahead in order to assemble specific crews and to respond to urgent requests. Of course, it helps having one of the most extensive personnel databases in the industry. And the knowledge that even if the required profile isn’t on there, we’ll find them.

Yours or ours: all personnel trained by Ahlers can count on our maritime experience

If we can’t find them, we’ll train them! Whether it be the client’s own personnel or ours. From cadet to captain. And we don’t just teach the theory. Our instructors have circumnavigated the globe a combined thousand times, have encountered every possible scenario at sea and enthusiastically pass on that knowledge and experience.

Full administration, yes, but with a human touch

Sure, we can take care of the whole administrative shebang at Ahlers, from immigration to social security, payroll and insurance. But you can’t always manage a crew from behind a desk. So it’s not unusual for us to go on board to deal with more personal issues related to the crew.

What can we do for you in Crew Management?


  • find the ideal crew (member) for your vessel or fleet
  • provide comprehensive training from cadet to captain
  • help develop your own in-house training program
  • arrange all certification, licensing and accreditations
  • deliver expert instructors, themselves highly experienced sailors
  • ensure full regulatory and legislative compliance
  • supply full administrative services from collective labor agreements, employment contracts, payroll management, insurance, social security, performance evaluations, etc.
  • 24-hour global assistance and support

From a full-service package to a quick-fix solution, Ahlers is your one-stop shop for tailored, personalized crew management services.

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