Trending in tendering: transparent analysis through visualization

How Chevron challenged our data analysts to speed up and simplify their transport tender

Antwerp / Belgium / December 14th

Tendering: time consuming, tedious, terribly complicated? Not necessarily. When the people at Chevron in Ghent, Belgium heard that the data analysts at Ahlers had developed a faster and more transparent way to collect and analyze complicated offers, they decided to ask our experts for guidance.

As tendering is a common practice for all companies who require recurring services, it can also be very time consuming, especially when looking for suppliers with complicated pricing models such as transport companies. With different lanes, destinations, volumes …  come different rates, making it very hard for companies to compare the prices they receive from different suppliers.

That is why Ahlers’ big data department ASNIA created a tool to facilitate the purchasing process. By building a platform that visualizes historical rates and comparing those with new tender offers, they help companies speed up the decision-making process and increase bargaining power.

When the petroleum refining company Chevron was faced with the termination of the contract with their European road carrier, they decided to team up with ASNIA, counting on a swift and correct decision on who their next carrier had to be, based on both service and price.

ASNIA’s experienced data analysts started with a network visualization, providing a detailed overview of lanes, historical costs and volumes. Based on that “as-is” situation, they created a tender form and several suppliers were invited to send in their quotations. As soon as the different parties had handed in their offers, ASNIA set to work creating a complete proposal with optimal mix of carrier choices for lanes and countries. Additional costs were also taken into consideration.

Chevron was pleased to receive access to a transparent set of dashboards, increasing their bargaining power and supporting them in the final negotiations. They are certain to have selected the best carriers for every country and never before had to invest so little time and effort.

The people at Chevron were very positive about the cooperation and the outcome of the exercise: “We were very pleased with the level of detail of the analysis but even more with the flexibility and speed in which additional dashboards were built and questions were answered during the final negotiations. Ahlers was working closely with the Chevron team and they surely helped in selecting the right partners for our business.



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