Technology will not kill forwarding companies

The inability of forwarding companies to embrace that technology will.

Antwerp / Belgium / August 21st

By examining and implementing newly-developed digital solutions for the logistics industry, we are becoming a better version of ourselves. And by offering better forwarding services we help our customers to grow.

By putting today’s digital knowledge to good use, we regularly make significant improvements to our logistics services. A great deal of those services are bundled in an online platform we build for each of our customers, allowing them to gain full control of their own supply network with complete transparency when it comes to the shipping process, administration and cost.

Based on the data we collect by creating and monitoring these online dashboards, we actively advise our clients on adjusting certain parts of their supply network, turning traditional supply chains into fully optimized logistic networks one company at a time.
But why stop there? By implementing these dashboard for multiple clients, we are in the perfect position to look for consolidation opportunities and bring companies with similar logistic requirements together.

Think bigger than co-loading. Collaborative supply network orchestration, that is our end goal: a control tower containing all the historic and real-life data we need in order to maximize all of our logistics processes. And then it’s only a matter of time before machine learning becomes the icing on the cake.



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