Ocean Bridge Lines and CrossTrades merge into CrossTrades Ocean Bridge Lines

Together we can achieve more. It might be a cliché, but it does not make it less true.

Antwerp / Belgium / September 8th

As from January first, network organizations Ocean Bridge Lines and CrossTrades will merge into CrossTrades OBL.  Rik Spruyt, currently at the head of CrossTrades, will take the lead in the newly created logistics network.

Today Ahlers and Syntrans jointly manage Ocean Bridge Lines, in which Ahlers initiated the Partner Network and together with Syntrans focuses on joint purchasing activities. The network has a strong presence in Asia, Europe and CIS.
CrossTrades was founded by Rik Spruyt in 2015 as an African partner network. Gosselin and Syntrans joined as shareholders in 2016, Ahlers in 2017.

Given their compatible geographical scope, joining forces was a logical next step. And thanks to size of both networks together -they will be representing 70 partners and close to 200 offices worldwide- CrossTrades OBL will be able to offer their members and their customers unique advantages through central purchasing activities and intelligent supply chain visibility.

State-of-the-art IT Platform
Although they haven't officially merged their activities yet, the network already invested in a comprehensive IT platform which consists of network management (communication & data exchange) and collaboration features (planning & execution). The digital platform will offer their customers different multimodal transport solutions in real time and intelligent supply chain visibility.

Through the power of machine learning, the system is able to suggest improvements to individual users in order to lower costs, optimize rates and routes for their customers. This unique platform proves without a doubt that it is smarter to join than to compete.

Ahlers, Gosselin, Syntrans and Rik Spruyt all bring a very specific knowledge to the table, different specializations they intend to keep focusing on within the network.

Are you interested in joining the newly founded network? We are more than happy to help.



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