Latest CLICCS workshop draws 40 companies and organizations

Participants prepared to take next steps with Coalition of the Willing

Antwerp / Belgium / JUne 16th, 2017

On June 16th, exactly one year after the first Smart Event was held at Ahlers House in Antwerp, 55 people from over 40 different chemical companies and related organizations assembled at the Procter & Gamble Innovation Center in Brussels. Their aim for the day? The further concretization of CLICCS, a Collaborative Logistics Information Community for the Chemical Sector.

The beginning

The idea to start a joint initiative for the Chemical Industry was launched at the first Ahlers Smart Event in June 2016. During that event, about 20 representatives from major chemical companies active in the Benelux, jointly came to the consensus that a shipper-focused and data-driven collaborative community would be imperative for the future efficiency and sustainability of the chemical sector in Europe.

All participants agreed from the start that such a community should be based on sharing. Sharing internal and external (big) data to identify collective benefits in logistics, safety, legislation … under the guidance of (a) neutral trustee(s) entrusted with the data management and the analysis of possible collaboration opportunities. Such a community would then be well positioned to explore synergy opportunities, both in a vertical and horizontal sense.

During the latest workshop, exactly one year later, we were able to further discuss and deepen the purpose of CLICCS with the ‘Coalition of the Willing’. CLICCS, which stands for Collaborative Logistics Information Community for the Chemical Sector, unites chemical companies, their customers, LSP’s, ports and technology partners.

During the day

Starting with the basics, the participants were briefed about the mission, vision and working principles of CLICCS, after which it was up to them to discuss what needs to be put into the future scope and charter of the community. Who can join? What are the targets, the rules? How will funding be arranged and what does the group need next in order to transform into a fully independent and relevant incubator for logistics innovation pilots in the chemical sector?

Next steps

In parallel with the development of a Community Charter, one of the first steps that will be taken this summer, is to define a limited number of use cases with specific focus groups working on them. Once these focus groups agree on the proper way forward, each pilot case will be tested and applied.  All participants re-established their willingness to work in a spirit of open innovation and to connect where possible with already existing chemical associations and data communities. Logistics innovation pilots will always be encouraged in CLICCS, regardless of their origin or technology.

The meeting, which was an absolute success, ended with three interactive break-out workshops covering both practical as well as high-level questions and challenges. In particular market guidance was requested with regards to the neutral governance and industry funding of the community. Food for thought for all participants, who jointly decided not to waste the momentum that was created and to aim for a next CLICCS workshop in the fall of 2017.



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