How we help you guarantee your high service level in Russia

After Sales Support

One aspect of exporting to Russia is the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). How is a consumer able to return the product for repair in case of damage or defect when the manufacturer is not located in Russia?

After having successfully penetrated the Russian market, this question became a genuine challenge for one of the biggest producers of conference systems in the world. The company stands for quality products and quality service. And by growing their business through local distributors, they noticed the inefficiency of after sales services due to a lack of local knowledge and the difficulties that come with moving products in and out of the country.
Since opening up shop in Russia was not something they would accomplish in a short period of time, the producer had to look for a local partner who could act on their behalf and work by the same high standards as they do.

At Ahlers we do just that. We facilitate the trade and aftermarket services to Russia through our Neutral Importer/Exporter of Record set up, allowing our customers to keep full control of their commercial and brand activities and simply relieving them from having to deal with non-core activities such as customs and other aspects of the Russian trade legislation.

We helped the American producer to decrease their RMA turnaround time, increase the export to scrapping ratio and enhance brand loyalty all together. Currently, plans to implement a testing & screening zone are in development, which will allow to decrease a vast number of unnecessary export out of Russia and save their budget for other strategic activities. We are very proud to have helped lift their after sales support in Russia to the same high level they uphold in the rest of the world.

Is your company interested in exporting to Russia? We have the knowledge and the tools to help companies all over the world, big and small. Contact us today for a chat.



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