How does one solve a giant multimodal jigsaw puzzle?

The ultimate challenge in creative logistics

Klaipeda / Lithuania / May 9th 2017

Shipping oversized cargo comes with a long list of possible challenges. Some projects are straight forward despite the size of the cargo, and some projects, like this one, simply force you to tick all the boxes in the list. Multimodal transport from the coldest to the hottest region in the world and complete disassembly of the cargo somewhere in the middle of the route. Ahlers Lithuania got the job done, thanks to a bucket load of nerve and ingenuity.

Thanks to a trade agreement between Belarus and Zimbabwe, a renowned mining equipment company in Belarus was asked to manufacture seven mining trucks and one loader for the African country. For the transportation of the monster trucks, they needed a partner they could trust to be agile and inventive enough to get the job done and keep the shipment costs under control. 

‘Inventive’ being the key word in this project, Ahlers Lithuania shipped the cargo over land by rail and truck and over sea on flat rack containers. For the trucks to fit onto the containers, they had to be disassembled along the route. Geraldas Stelmokaitis, regional manager for Ahlers Baltics & Belarus, explains: “You can compare the disassembly of the trucks with one giant jigsaw puzzle. Only we could not lay out all the pieces in advance. Even before the first wheel came off, we had to have a very clear idea of what we would put where on the containers. And for the shipping costs to remain reasonable, we had to restricts ourselves in the number of container we could use."

A project with a twist, and that is exactly what Ahlers knows and loves.

The jigsaw puzzle twist is what made this project truly unique,” Geraldas continues: “our creative approach is what set us apart from the competition.




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