First hybrid vehicle delivered at Ahlers Belgium

"We have chosen to lead by example"

Antwerp / Belgium / February 20th

Ahlers is one of the eight forwarders in the Port of Antwerp who have committed themselves to reducing their CO2 emissions with 20% within the next five years. To achieve this ambitious goal, a sustainability focus group was initiated. Their main target is to develop a plan that will help us reach this goal. Eefje Morren, the focus group coordinator, explains: “We have chosen to lead by example by replacing our diesel driven company cars by hybrids vehicles.”

Tom, who works for the Ahlers IT department, is pleased with his new car: “There’s no difference in speed or comfort. The only difference I do see is the petrol consumption.

The investment for Ahlers is quite big, but in two years from now the whole fleet will be replaced. The drop in CO2 emission will be significant, and thanks to the CO2 calculator they have built, Ahlers will be able to track the exact outcome of this initiative.

The introduction of environmentally friendly company cars is only a small part of the plan to get the Ahlers employees out of their regular cars. Everyone at Ahlers Belgium will soon be able to lease an e-bike from the company and Ahlers is working together with other companies in the area to start a shuttle service from the nearest tram station. And the carpool app remains of course. The first two weeks were a big success, 40% percent of the Belgian employees already gave it a try.
We are all more aware of the movements we make for our jobs and we actively look for people who have to go in the same direction at a certain time,” says Eefje: “Not only in our way to and from the office, but we also try to group if we have to go to external meetings or other Ahlers offices. Something most of us probably wouldn’t have thought about before we started the campaign.

Ahlers wants to take on a true ambassador role in what is the biggest challenge of our time. How do we preserve the legacy for the generations to come? Managing director Roel Vanmaele has a clear vision on the next steps: “As one company, we can already do so much. Imagine what we can achieve with combined forces. Our focus point in all this should be how we can upscale these projects. We want to reach out to the companies with the same mindset. Let’s do this together.



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