Carpool platform launched by and for Ahlers employees

Time to optimize our own transport flows!

Antwerp/Belgium/January 17th, 2017

ASNIA, the Ahlers Supply Network Innovation & Analytics team, focusses on visualizing transport flows and providing solutions for optimization. Those transport flows are often interpreted as cargo transports, but the Sustainability project team within Ahlers decided to investigate what ASNIA can do for people transport. Or how they visualized the commuting of Ahlers employees in Belgium and launched a carpool platform based on the same ASNIA knowledge and software.

As from February first, the Ahlers employees in Belgium will be able to log on to the online platform to join the Ahlers carpooling initiative. Two birds with one stone, if you ask the Sustainability team: “The team was founded for two reasons. We wanted to take on an active role in the completion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals launched by the UN last year and we committed ourselves to the Lean & Green project, for which we will reduce our CO2 emission by 20% within the next five years.

Since the carpool platform helps both causes, we didn’t think twice before asking ASNIA for help. Visualizing and analyzing transport flows is their main objective, so why not put our own department to the test?"

ASNIA came up with a solution that makes it very easy to find co-carpoolers. You simply find your own home address on the map and let the platform do the rest. You will automatically see the best matches for your route and will be able to contact each other directly.

The ASNIA team does more than suggest quick fixes. They specialize in permanent improvement. And that is exactly what we want for our carpool service. After the internal launch, we plan on involving the other companies in our office building and the area around our building. So besides the benefits for traffic and environment, our employees have new interesting contacts to look forward to.



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