Ahlers presented with Belgian Lean & Green award for Forwarders

Together with Gosselin Logistics and Jas Forwarding we received the recognition for actively reducing our impact on the environment

Antwerp / Belgium / December 12th, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Ahlers is one of the three forwarders in Antwerp to receive the Lean & Green Award presented to us by the VIL (Flemish Institute for Logistics) and the VEA (Union for Forwarders in Antwerp). The award recognizes companies who commit to cutting their CO2 emissions with at least 20% over a period of five years.

At Ahlers we started by establishing our current situation, based on which our sustainability team drew up an action plan to reduce Ahlers’ environmental footprint. By linking every aspect of that plan to a key performance indicator, we would also be capable of measuring the impact of every part of the plan.
Being the middle man, not having any transport means of our own, the challenge is a bit more difficult for us. As a result, a big part of our plan revolves around raising awareness, something we also see in the approach of the other two companies.

Raising awareness is a broad concept to us: We believe we have the power to create a modal shift. And by pro-actively analyzing our customers’ supply network data, we can inform them if there is room for environmental improvement.  Raising awareness is not something we preserve uniquely for our customers. Internal trainings will help us to present the better alternative to our customers.

Roel Vanmaele, managing director at Ahlers Western Europe, is convinced of the necessity of initiatives such as Lean & Green: “Every day we are confronted with the pressure our way of living puts on the planet. It’s only fair that every company tries to release a bit of that pressure. I’m glad we’re in this together with Gosselin and Jas Forwarding. We can do more with the three of us.”



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