Ahlers finishes third annual internal boostcamp

Participants went home feeling inspired and excited about the future

Antwerp / Belgium / June 26th, 2017

Last week eleven participants of the Ahlers boostcamp met in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s an annual tradition in fact, to invite the future Ahlers generation for a week packed with discussions, learning sessions and inspirational presentations. With people flying in from Russia, China, Belgium, India, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and covering almost every department of our company, the group was eager to learn from the different guest speakers and each other.

Last Friday they finished the week feeling tired, but inspired. The group became really close and they will continue to stay in contact working together on different projects that will enable us to service our worldwide customer base even better.

With trainings and presentations on our different logistics services, the importance of sustainability and new development such as the use of big data, the participants discussed the course Ahlers has been taking for the past years while working on their own propositions for the future of the company.

As Chairman of the Board Christian Leysen said during his closing speech on Friday, Ahlers has a very rich past. And although our historical knowledge is of great importance for our organization, the future is what we really should be focusing on. And that is exactly what the past Inspiration Week enabled: we assembled the next Ahlers generation and empowered them to take the lead in our company’s future.



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