Ahlers Chemical Logistics: beyond value-added logistics

Welcome to the future of logistics in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries


Offering the highest quality value-added logistics for the chemical industry is one thing. Opening up exciting venues for growth and identifying new opportunities for optimisation while doing so, is another.

But that is exactly what Ahlers does every day.

State-of-the-art value-added logistics is just the beginning

Ahlers' specialised services and infrastructure guarantee the highest standards when it comes to safety, health, environment and quality. But what makes Ahlers unique is our ability to apply these standards to the entire logistics spectrum from transport, storage, processing and (re)packaging as part of a comprehensive service package fully adapted to your needs.

A few examples of what Ahlers has to offer:

• temperature and humidity-controlled storage

including 2° to 8°C, 15° to 25°C, -30° to -15°C

• specialised transport solutions for solids and liquids

including adapted handling services for dangerous goods

• sophisticated reconditioning and processing solutions
building on extensive engineering know-how and including filling, sieving, formulating, drying and blending

• multifunctional packaging and repackaging lines
engineered for a variety of goods, including dangerous goods, and including a state-of-the-art drumming line

• comprehensive quality management services
via the Ahlers Service Center, offering full integration with your ERP system, printing services for labels and certificates, warehouse temperature tracking, logistics data management and back office and certification services.

A true logistics partner for the chemical industry in the Benelux

Specialist logistics providers often cannot provide the full range of services you need to add value to your business. Which is where Ahlers comes in, applying a wide variety of specialist solutions and over a century of logistics experience to engineer and optimise chemical supply chains. If necessary, we can even build the infrastructure you need, to the exacting standards you demand.

“We make sure the same high standards for health, safety, environment and quality are applied and maintained for every link in the supply chain,” says Roel Vanmaele, Managing Director of Ahlers (Western Europe).

Logistics Communities: a new direction in supply chain optimisation

Supply chains in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry are typically already highly integrated. So how can you still achieve genuine optimisation? By working together!

Ahlers' industry expertise allows us to identify potential opportunities for optimisation and facilitate collaboration on a variety of levels: from bundled shipping and warehousing to shared sites for processing and co-production, group purchasing and even shared back-end processes for transport and handling…

Sounds futuristic? We at Ahlers believe (and can prove) that collaboration via logistics communities offers very real and durable opportunities for enterprises today.

1. We aim for profitable partnerships
Ahlers is more than just a service provider. We deliver structural solutions that underpin the profitability of our clients’ business models, while opening up new possibilities for growth and optimisation.
2. Agility is the name of the game
We take time to analyse your entire supply chain and propose a list of creative strategies with a focus on generating long-term value. Everything is thoroughly tested and fine-tuned in advance to ensure smooth integration and a solid basis for quick response times when needed.
3. We make it our business and we take it personal
At Ahlers, we rely heavily on experience in order to create new solutions for our clients. We know the standard quality levels of our trade in order to rise above them. But before anything else, we ask you this simple question each and every day: what can we do for you today?

Ready to explore the future of value-added logistics for the chemical industry?
Discover how Ahlers can deliver a genuine breakthrough for your business.



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