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It's a fact that Russia holds untold opportunities for western businesses. But western companies simply cannot trade directly with Russian customers. So what’s the solution? Ahlers Rusimport!

How does Ahlers Rusimport overcome the hurdles of trading with Russia?

Stefan Van Doorslaer (General Director, Ahlers CIS & The Baltic States): “At some point, several of our clients were looking to expand onto the Russian market. But since it is virtually impossible to trade with Russian customers without incorporating in Russia, and since none of our clients were prepared to make that huge investment, we essentially did it for them.”

Stefan Van Doorslaer, Managing Director CIS & Baltics

Since 2011, Ahlers offers DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) deliveries to Russia. Due to local bureaucracy and limited transparency of customs-  and tax regulations Ahlers offers a specialized niche service uniquely positioned in the (Russian) market via a neutral Importer/Exporter of Record set-up (IEOR).

In order to custom clear products locally in the Russian Federation, due to various rules and restrictions, it is necessary to supply the product through a Russian legal entity. When a Russian customer asks for DDP deliveries, this implies that he wants to buy custom cleared and imported goods. Since tax representation, as we know it in the EU, is not possible in Russia, this calls for another Russian legal entity that can import and re-sell/deliver the goods locally on DDP terms.

Because Ahlers Rusimport is a fully compliant Russian legal entity backed by Ahlers’ global forwarding network, we are able to take full responsibility for the entire import, storage and distribution process.

Stefan Van Doorslaer: “Each and every contract is different. Because it answers to the very specific requirements of each and every client. We see our IEOR structure as a base platform that needs finetuning to the tunes of your supply chain to Russia.”

Moscow, business district

These are some possibilities for a customized service level:

Commercial trading service
• Arrange your supply chain from door-to-door via a neutral IEOR structure.
• Outsource risks of logistics, customs clearance and import.
• Outsource local workload of Finance, Customer Service, and Warehousing.
• Allow for limited hedging of financial ex-rate risks.

Guarantee fulfillment service
• Service- and reverse logistics (incl. repair) for high value products via IEOR set-up.
• Express Free of Charge (FOC) delivery service of spare parts to high value projects.
• Express FOC delivery service of samples to Russian clients.

Specialized niche products
• FOC import/export of soil-, chemical- and fuel samples.

What about warranty deliveries? Isn’t that too complicated?

Stefan Van Doorslaer: “Normally it would be. But that’s where our value-added logistics comes in. Which is also what makes us more than just a freight forwarder or customs agent. For a client in consumer goods, for instance, we not only take care of the import and distribution of their products according to their wishes but also take responsibility for the stock management as well. Since the most common spare parts are stored in Russia, we are able to deliver the kind of customer service the client’s western customers are accustomed to. Our client pays the import duties and a modest commission based on the purchase price and gets a fully functioning logistics operation in return, complete with all customs and VAT administration, secure warehousing and fully trackable deliveries.”

Rusimport builds upon a vast experience in logistics and legal expertise

Stefan Van Doorslaer: “Gaining access to the Russian market is a complex business, which is why we make absolutely sure that all bases are covered. From the actual import and customs formalities to negotiating with local authorities, developing water-tight warranty and return policies and so on.”

Ready to expand the horizons of your business? Find out how Ahlers Rusimport can help you tap the enormous potential of the Russian market.




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