Who will be there when things go wrong?

There is more to container shipping than hunting for the ultimate bottom price

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container shipping

Supported by a user-friendly track & trace system and fully integrated door-to-door services, Ahlers employs the full arsenal of network, experience and manpower to find the best solution for your container cargo and your business

Track, trace and then what? 

The Ahlers track & trace system provides accurate, real-time information about the progress of your cargo. But track & trace can mean a lot more than just passive follow-up. We use this information to anticipate risks and intervene when needed. 

Information technology buys us time. And we know how to use it.

We understand that time is money. We apply our extensive network to ensure the fast shipping times. At the same time, we use advanced IT systems that relieve much of the administrative burden. Our fully automated online booking platform links with your own ERP package and integrates the entire document flow. Our IT systems can automate the majority of the back-end administration.

All this gives us more time. Time we dedicate to the personal follow-up of your shipments and effective problem-solving.

“Yes, the raw cost of moving goods is important – it is a very competitive business after all. But we like to look at the big picture. How can we optimize the procedural cost of administration and document management? What are the costs of bringing your containers in and out of port? What can we do to minimize potential hazards should things take a turn for the worse? At Ahlers, our entire service is built around keeping control and communicating with our clients!” 
Andries Gysen, Sales Manager, Ahlers Supply Chain Solutions

Beyond the port: integrated door-to-door services

There is little point in ensuring fast shipping times only to have your cargo left waiting days or even weeks on the docks. Therefore Ahlers offers optional door-to-door services that not only slash your lead-times but also take the headaches out of getting your goods where they need to be. On time and in one piece.

“When moving your cargo from A to B, ‘B’ really can be anywhere! Our extensive network covers several transport modes. Our specialized storage, processing and packaging infrastructure can add value en route. And our personalized service takes care of all the administrative formalities.” 
Andries Gysen, Sales Manager, Ahlers Supply Chain Solutions

If you have container cargo to ship, you want it to arrive safely, securely and on time. Leave it to Ahlers, not to chance.




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