Going beyond boundaries

Synergy in logistics

Forwarding customers benefit from data knowledge at Ahlers

Good business is synergy: synergy between different companies with common goals. Or synergy between different departments within one company. The trick is to find those common goals: what is it that we want to achieve and how can we help each other to achieve this?

We believe the synergy between our different departments is what makes the difference for the companies who work with us. A great example was recently given by Kevin Onderbeke, the supply chain solutions manager at Ahlers Belgium. He has just finished a data analytics project for a manufacturer of food additives.

Normally Kevin is all about offering the best operational forwarding solutions. But when his client was particularly interested in gaining insight into the cost of the sea freight charged by their different forwarders, Kevin turned to our data analysts for advice. Together they were able to offer the manufacturer a detailed overview of their logistics costs and the tailor-made forwarding service that would help them to reduce those costs in the future. Kevin explains: “We continuously benchmark the rates to the current market which helps the customer to maintain a high service level at the best price/conditions.

This synergy is what sets us apart from the consulting agencies and classic forwarders that are often asked to perform such cost analyses,” Kevin concludes: “Our ASNIA team has what it takes to determine and design what it is you need. Our forwarding team takes care of the daily execution and follow up.



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