Sweet dreams from Shanghai to Singapore

Shipment of 257 delicate units from Shanghai to Singapore

Shanghai-Singapore-project shipment

In the beginning of 2016 Ahlers moved a hotel extension from China to Changi Airport in Singapore. We delivered 257 fragile units and accessories on a tight time schedule to a very special site.
Here’s how we did it.

Ahlers personnel with local experience in China and Singapore were involved at the very early stages of the project planning.  As Singapore’s first hotel and private commercial project using the Pre-Fabricated Pre-Finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) technique it was vital that all aspects of the delivery were pre-planned well in advance.  In addition, the units had to be delivered to a tightly controlled airport environment with height and traffic restrictions.

Months of pre-planning and open discussion with our client ensured that we were prepared to tackle all aspects of the project.  As the units are pre-fitted with many of the usual aspects of a hotel room, including bathrooms and windows, careful preparation was needed to ensure safe arrival at the construction site with design of special lifting beams and having eyes on the cargo at all stages.

As with all projects the delivery schedule was under pressure from day one.  The PPVC construction technique means that even a 10 story hotel can be built very fast on-site.  Therefore, our delivery schedule had to match the fast moving and lego-like construction schedule.  By placing our experts on location at the production site, in the ports for loading and discharging, at the storage location en-route and at the final delivery site we were able to meet all the requirements and deadlines. 

All the nights that the team spent in the snow on the quay in Shanghai and in the heat in Singapore paid off, with an on time delivery and a satisfied client.   We are now looking forward to spend a night in the finished hotel!



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