Delivery of 11 000 FRT turbine equipment to Kazakhstan

How pre-planning and coordination result in a success story

Turbine equipment

Ahlers Russia managed an impressive delivery of 11 000 freight ton of turbine equipment to Karabatan, Kazakhstan. Delivery was done in one lot and thanks to thorough planning and excellent project coordination Ahlers once again managed a smooth delivery.

After a thorough evaluation of all transport routes Ahlers decided that, despite the transport execution being in late autumn, the best route was shipment to the Caspian Sea using the Volga-Don Channel. Possibly at odds with Mother Nature due to end of navigation season approaching but with contingency plans in place our Russian colleagues booked the cargo on its first leg from Norköpping, Sweden and Hamburg, Germany to Constanta, Romania. In Constanta the cargo was reloaded onto three river-sea vessels which set sail to the Kazakh port of Kuryk. After discharging the equipment in Kuryk the last mile to Karabatan was covered by road transport. 

As part of the transport evaluation Ahlers Russia pro-actively sat down with the customer at an early stage to examine the technical requirements to execute the transport but also to discuss the documentation requirements. Experience has thought us that when dealing with different cultures documentation alignment between suppliers, shipper and receiver swiftly becomes a hurdle as this seemingly small part of the chain can have a huge influence on the transport execution. Throughout the project implementation Ahlers’ project team continued to coordinate and align all documentation to avoid obstacles arising during transport.

Another reason Ahlers decided to assist the customer with the documentation at an early stage is because we understand the importance of correct documentation in the customs process. For many companies customs in the CIS seems incomprehensible and at time erratic but thanks to our knowledge and local presence Ahlers has built up comprehensive knowledge of CIS customs. In practice Ahlers realised that apart from opening transit documents in the port of Rostov, this also meant that a temporary customs zone needed to be set up in the port of Kuryk. The operation sounds straightforward but took serious planning to arrange. After the project we assisted further with some DDP guarantee deliveries.

Ahlers again proves with this delivery that it is not only a knowledgeable partner for CIS project logistics but that we also understand CIS customs requirements. The combination of these two factors make us the perfect partner for your CIS project logistics. So ask yourself what can do for you tomorrow?



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