Ahlers develops own Cargo Security System (and no, it is not a dragon)

We stop at nothing to ensure the safe arrival of your valuable cargo

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Whether your cargo is crossing the streets of St. Petersburg, the vaste plains of Siberia, remote regions of war-torn Ukraine or the endless steppe of Kazakhstan… We know your cargo is valuable and vulnerable. Security is not something we take lightly!

And while armed escorts can be a useful deterrent in extreme cases, it is an expensive and not always 100% reliable solution. Which is why Ahlers developed a sophisticated software-based alternative for one of its clients in the tobacco industry.

Stefan Van Doorslaer, Managing Director Ahlers CIS/Baltics: “One of our clients in the tobacco industry had been relying entirely on armed security details to secure its distribution network in the CIS. And while the client was satisfied with the setup, we knew there was room for a more reliable and cost-effective approach. So we went ahead and developed one on our own initiative.”

Requirements for our new system were:

  • robust remote-monitoring system using GPS tracking
  • inexpensive alternative to armed security escorts
  • compact, easy-to-install and tamper-proof system
  • 24-hour monitoring in combination with local support

Stefan Van Doorslaer: “Security guards are not just expensive, they have blind spots, they are susceptible to ‘better offers’ and, let’s face it, there is only so much they can do against experienced criminals. Our in-house remote-monitoring system, the CSS or Cargo Security Solution, however, offers round-the-clock monitoring via a simple, inexpensive and easy-to-install tracking device.”

How CSS works

1. 24-hour GPS tracking
2. automatic status report every 20 minutes
3. instant alerts in the event:
    i. the truck deviates from its standard route,
    ii. the driver makes an unscheduled stop,
    iii. the trailer is decoupled
    iv. the outer doors opened,
4. monitoring team coordinates with local police and security services
5. additional driver panic button

The Ahlers’ Cargo Security Solution (alarm, remote-monitoring and tracking system) can be easily, quickly and reliably implemented in any freight transport system. And it comes backed by Ahler’s 24-hour support and emergency intervention team.

CSS is available in Russia and the CIS. Contact our Security specialist today.

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