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Moving huge drilling platforms and oil rigs from dock to ocean. Safely transporting personnel to hard-to-reach off-shore facilities. Ensuring enough new staff with the right skills for the future are hired every year. Being successful in the oil and gas industry means being able to meet some unique challenges…

For more than 25 years, Ahlers has been offering logistics and maritime services as a real business partner to the oil and gas industries. We travel the globe while delivering right on time and within budget. This is how we do it:

1. We put the right people in the right place

In any oil and gas project, our international network of staff is our largest asset. Experts in areas such as customs administration, truck haulage, vessel chartering, or oversized carriage can be mobilised and coordinated quickly. Our clients also lean on this expertise in project budgeting and planning.

As Liesbeth Vandekeybus, Project Logistics Manager, says: “With such a global presence we can reach out to multinational players and fulfil their needs in several countries and for many different types of services.”

2. We prepare, coordinate, communicate

Projects for the gas and oil industries need strong, well-coordinated teams with global reach and local knowledge and resources. High quality preparation should involve the same people who actually carry out the project. All of our different departments can work as stand-alone entities, for example, in the delivery and training of maritime and technical personnel to tankers and offshore units, in providing consultancy and audits of a TLP (Tension-leg Platform) and technical advisor for building a landing craft.

“The strength, however, lies in working with small teams where all expertise is easily exchanged, giving us the possibility to consult on major projects from planning state to final operations without bringing too much bureaucracy on board. A svelte organisation also means that you will be informed about our progress on a regular basis, by the same project manager throughout the project.”, says Rebecca Andries, General Manager of Maritime Services.

3. We take care of all the links in the chain

From crewing, training and transporting shipping personnel to offshore rigs, to towing drilling platforms to their destination. Ahlers offers ‘global’ professional services in more than one sense of the word, as well as unique project consultancy and support. We’ve carried out emergency offshore breakbulk transport in Vietnam, and regularly provide expert technical personnel for chemical tankers and self-propelled offshore units.

We can combine and coordinate personnel and partners with local expertise in many services. This might be chartering and organising safety checks of different transport options, arranging multiple visas, seaman’s books and flag state documents for different nationalities, or weather routing and ports studies. We also carry out security assessments through our ISPS-recognised sister company BIM.

4. We can turn seafarers into masters

As well as training staff officers on-board offshore units, such as semi-submersibles, drill ships, tenders and FPSO's (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading), we have also established a floating training centre in Pointe-Noire, in the Republic of Congo.

6,000 people are trained each year in maritime services for work on the west coast of Africa. The majority go on to work in the oil and gas industry in the region. We follow the careers of our recruits, and can offer ongoing advice and further training.

5. We never leave you ‘at sea’ when at sea

Complicated and challenging oil and gas projects have always been on our radar. Our proven processes give us the perfect platform for more complex work.

As the oil and gas industries evolve, Ahlers’ service offerings will develop right alongside. We’ll innovate, develop and meet unique new project challenges, and also continue to provide dedicated training and logistics support.

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