Sustainability is not just a buzzword at Ahlers

Thanks to a couple of in-house initiatives and developments we are proud to say that we are really working towards a brighter future.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality services, enabling customers to focus on their core business, offering innovative, sustainable, and tailor-made solutions beyond logistics, constantly fostering innovation, whilst promoting sustainable technologies and behaviors. We do this using smart data analytics and innovative monitoring tools.

We have developed an in-house solution that calculates the CO2 emissions of our customers. Knowing where you stand, enables you to take the appropriate action. Actively reducing your CO2 emission can have a positive impact on transport costs and lowers the environmental impact on our world.

The Ahlers CO2 calculator is a real add-on for your supply network analysis. The tool goes further than the simple add-up of estimated data you can find online. And since the calculation is better than estimation, we have created a system that is based on the guidelines dictated by the in European standard CEN-EN16258 on what such a calculation should entail.


CARBON CALCULATOR. Know your footprint

The simple, fast, and reliable solution for calculating emissions generated for your shipments.

carbon footprint

Ahlers helps customers increase efficiency, decrease emissions

  • We offer several options for minimizing and/or avoiding logistics-related emissions. Ahlers’ CO2 calculations supported the implementation of modal shifts with our customer BP moving from truck to barge. Every container going over water instead of the land saved up to 64,71kg CO2 emissions - approx. 50% reduction compared to road transport.
  • Our customer International Paper was looking for a way to reduce the carbon footprint of its distribution network in Europe. They were experimenting with different transportation modes on a certain lane. By using the CO2 calculator, and GLEC framework, Ahlers was able to precisely calculate changes in CO2 emissions over time, with different modes of transport on different lanes, even on shipment level.

Ahlers helps customers reduce greenhouse gasses

  • We help companies mitigating risk within their value chains unlock new innovations and collaborations and respond to mounting pressure and changing the way they look at problematic supply chains.
  • Looking at horizontal collaboration, we seek new ways customers can benefit from supply network matchmaking, providing transport overlap analysis, ultimately driving GHG reductions. We can do this looking at internal transportation collaboration between business units, during company mergers & acquisitions or external transportation collaboration e.g. identify network transport overlap with other companies as a neutral trustee.

Everything we do at Ahlers is inspired by a sustainable customer-centric mindset, guided by a skilled leadership, and guaranteed by full transparency and the highest standards helping customers gain actionable insights and reducing GHG.