Emission friendly choices to meet all your transportation needs

As transportation experts, we recognize the impact our industry has on the environment.
Our priority is to help you focus on reducing carbon footprint, responding to the mounting environmental pressures.

  • Implementing modal shifts to enhance reduction of CO², changing transport modes to more environmentally friendly ones.
  • Finding sustainable solutions helping to decrease growing traffic jams and guarantee transport lead-times.

Transportation visualization transparency, assessing carbon footprint impacts, with easy access to smart dashboards and comprehensive KPIs developed by our Data Analytics expert services.

Ahlers - Sustainability

Ensuring transparency across the supply chain of key logistics milestones from initial order to final delivery point

Modal shift implementation
From truck to barge - calculations from working with one of our customers show that every container going over water instead of land, saves up to 64,71kg CO2 emissions - approx 50% reduction compared to road transport.

Moving goods by rail instead of the road to further reduce emissions
Optimizing daily transport routes analyzing the impact of adapted delivery frequency on the required number of trucks and driven kilometers. 
Integration of trailer operations to deliver containers and short sea.

Implementing best practices in transportation to reduce carbon footprint:
Increasing the use of origin consolidation.
Utilizing new/amended routing to reduce the number of miles traveled.

Ahlers - Sustainability

Horizontal collaboration - a way to massive improvements in utilizing transport assets

Driving horizontal collaboration, we work with our customers, in how they can benefit from supply network matchmaking, providing transport overlap analysis, planning shipping scenarios to reduce emissions.

In terms of environmental benefit, this translates into double-digit (20-40%) carbon footprint reductions per freight movement.

By using our collaboration software tools, supported by interactive CO² dashboards, we can typically reduce 15% to 20%, on average, in kilometers driven and further increase route utilization.

Our inhouse developed carbon footprint calculation tool adopts the GLEC framework for emission calculation.

Carbon calculator

Know your footprint
The simple, fast, and reliable solution for calculating emissions generated for your shipments.

Your transport data - the key to calculating your carbon footprint. Do you transport by truck, rail, or vessel? What are the routes? How much cargo do you ship? By examining this data and applying our in-house developed carbon footprint calculator, we can determine your total CO² emission after which we can start working on scenarios for reduction.