Supply chain data analytics webinar on-demand

Challenge: Due to recent disruptions in customer behavior, e-commerce has become an even more important sales channel for the retail sector. A lot of companies struggle with this new delivery profile and are not prepared to handle more frequent and smaller last-mile deliveries. This results in costly out-of-stock periods and loss of revenue.

Solution: Companies must rethink and redesign their customer fulfillment strategy to avoid losing customers. Building a digital supply chain model allows companies to test alternate omnichannel network configurations and predict performance before implementing them in the real world.

One of our retail customers is now able to evaluate changes across their physical supply chain network.

This allows them to select the right e-commerce strategy that supports the increasingly high expectations of consumers and avoid inventory stock-outs.

Practical examples of how your business can benefit from a resilient supply chain network. Answers to your questions, or challenges you face today such as:

  • How to detect bottlenecks in your supply chain network
  • How to evaluate the impact of individual operational decisions on the entire supply chain?
  • How to drive logistics cost optimization – drilling down to product and/or customer level?
  • How to easily simulate modeling of specific events or disruptions and insert variability to become more resilient?

Interested in how we helped this customer to tackle this challenge? We will showcase results based on previous customer successes and demo in a live environment.