Irregularities Management and Finance - Impact on Business Operations in Russia

Join us for insights from our finance experts on how to manage the irregularities of businesses

Concerning the Russian market, it is safe to say that both business and private individuals have always been experiencing a level of daily uncertainty. Global political decisions are affecting suppliers and their customers, job stability is not guaranteed, the ruble exchange rate fluctuation has a continuous impact on purchasing power and the pandemic era continues for more than a year.

We say: “It is all about networking”. Our webinars are meant not only to listen to our experts with great insights into the business but also to network with other people.

On the other hand, isn’t it all culminating in “cash is the king” or “money makes the world go round”? With careful planning and solid, compliant and transparent business structures, the most serious uncertainties and irregularities can be well managed.

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Marco KOSCHIER, Head of international Audit, associated Partner, Roedl & Partner

Mr. Koschier combines his vast experience as an auditing partner in Moscow with his many years of experience as a senior finance executive in the industry. He advises international, German, and Russian clients in all areas of auditing, accounting, and finance. He has more than 15 years of experience as a partner in leading international auditing and consulting firms in Germany and Russia in the field of auditing and advising international German and Russian companies in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Nikolas ROSSEEL, Finance Director, Russia and CIS Regions Ahlers

Mr. Rosseel is a seasoned executive in international companies, having worked in different countries and various business school educations. His areas of expertise are corporate finance, business process optimizations, and finance-driven performance management. He masters strong analytical skills with extensive experience in building and training finance teams, project management, reporting and planning, and leading innovative projects related to finance. He also completed the world's six major marathons and is passionate about contemporary art.

Ulla Keino, Commercial Director, Ahlers, will moderate the session.

Mrs. Keino is an expert on outsourcing, expansion, and distribution strategies for different industries and services, focusing on Russia and China. She has a cosmopolitan mindset, a broad experience in cross-cultural and various-industry projects in multiple organizations, ranging from lipsticks to cultural heritage fine art projects. She studied at MSc.Techn in Helsinki, and holds a Henley MBA from the Brunel University, London. Besides her business activities, she is passionate about sports, having golf, sailing, XC skiing, badminton, and padel as her hobbies.