Success story of a European coffee producer in Russia


Disrupting the traditional route-to-market for Russia

Anyone who has been to any of the Russian cities can testify, Russia is a coffee nation. The scent of freshly brewed coffee flavors the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg every morning. It was Peter The Great himself, who introduced the black beverage to the Russian people in the beginning of the 18th century. Today, they drink about 4 cups of it every day and although instant coffee is still wider spread, real (ground) beans are starting to replace the soluble powders more and more.

A leading European coffee producer saw this revolution and decided to take a chance on the huge Russian market. But tapping into its potential was not as straight forward as they thought it would. Doing business in Russia, as a foreign company, feels like navigating through a complex web of rules and regulations to achieve the commercial targets set. That is why a trustworthy partner with the proper knowledge and experience is essential for success.

Simplification and control of route to market

For 25 years now, Ahlers has been such a trustworthy partner. By creating a neutral platform that is specialized in meeting the required conditions, we allow our partners to overcome hurdles that they would otherwise perceive as disqualifiers for the construction of a strong brand in the Russian region.

For this particular coffee brand, we handle all their operational and logistical work, which helped them regain control over their commercial activities and substantially increase their sales volumes. Our setup is quite clear: through an Importer of Record (IoR) platform, the supplier is freed from having to handle any non-core activities, allowing them to focus on selling their product.

By efficiently allocating risks and responsibilities between importer and supplier, they managed to increase their sales volumes by 74% in one year. Today, they are the fifth biggest coffee brand in the country. A fantastic accomplishment that fills us with pride and our coffee machines with the best brand in the world.

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