“No trial and error” possible when shipping an entire wood chipboard plant from the UK to Russia

Customer challenges:

  • Operating factory - 47 years old, individual equipment measurements not known.
  • Documentation needed for the Russian classification decision.
  • Classification difficulties and advice on setting codes for import
  • Dealing with local disturbances and blocked roads for several months:
  • 240 trucks were stuck close to the site and complete vessel loads stuck at the Tolyatti port.

Our solution:

  • Assistance in obtaining classification decisions of the Federal Customs Services of the Russian Federation
  • Onsite project management across various locations.
  • Set up a temporary customs zone in port Samara close to Ufa.
  • Coordination with government authorities on local disturbances.
  • Backup plan re-export to other production facilities in Belarus.
  • Guarantee (free of charge) deliveries (DDP terms) & certification guidance

Project Overview

  • 56000 FRT from Liverpool, the UK to Ufa, Russia
  • 370 truckloads trucked directly to site
  • 260 oversized truckloads inside the UK
  • 220 truckloads in Russia (more load/truck)
  • 3 sea-river vessels to Togliatti in Russia