Five key reasons to take a closer look at your supply chain.

1. You want to obtain a detailed breakdown of your logistics costs.
A lot of shippers’ work with framework agreements with their logistics service providers. And although they have a lot of benefits, transparency is often not one of them. You know what you spend on a yearly basis, but do you also know which parts of your logistics chain are eating up that budget? We can map your complete cost and transport structure, allowing you to take follow-up actions if needed.

2. You want to improve your lead times.
What is your guaranteed delivery time? And is there a way to shorten it? Why do some deliveries take longer than others? Can you respond to your customers’ demand and how? Based on your current transport situation, we can investigate alternatives. By building different scenarios, we can help you decide what interventions would reduce your lead times and improve your customer satisfaction.

3. You want to become a truly sustainable company.
Your transport data are the key to calculating your carbon footprint. Do you transport by truck, rail, or vessel? What are the routes? How much cargo do you ship? By examining this data and applying our in-house developed carbon footprint calculator, we can determine your total CO² emission after which we can start working on scenarios for reduction.

4. You want to increase your production in a smart way.
Your business is booming, and you must start thinking about expansion. But how and where? Mergers? Acquisitions? Building a new factory? Let us investigate different options based on where you and your customers are, and where your products come from. The outcome is a detailed network model with pros and cons for every possible approach.

5. You want to be future proof.
The world is changing and whether it is climate change, your clients’ demands, or local legislation, you do not want to start dealing with these challenges when they occur. Pro-activeness being the keyword here, you need to make sure you are ready for anything that comes your way. Let us investigate your logistics future and turn your company into an efficient, effective, and sustainable organization.


Your transport data - the key to calculating your carbon footprint.

Want to know how we can help you become a truly sustainable company?
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