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Distribution and customs clearance to Russia - Made easy

Russia is a whole different ball game from Europe and the rest of the world when it comes to its customs clearance. For businesses looking to trade in this complex market, local expertise is simply a must to stay up to date with regularly changing requirements.

Customs allows the Russian government to protect their border interest and monitors trade, collecting duties, fees, and taxes. Only Russian legal entities can arrange customs clearance and make payments to customs. So, if you do not have a legal entity in Russia, you will need a partner to act on your behalf, that will act as your importer, exporter of record, selling the goods on your behalf.

  • Full digitalization of 100% of the mandatory customs operations for companies since 2014 in Russia.
  • Gradual digitalization of marking on imported items
  • Strict rules and enforcement of import certification
  • Regular changes in terms of customs regulations and practices. Since 2018, Russia adopted the new customs codes of the Eurasian Economic Union. New federal laws on customs regulations, significantly improving the collection of customs payments, hereby came into place.
  • Russian customs authorities plan to centralize customs clearance operations into centers for electronic declarations, reducing the customs points from 400 to 16 centers.

Considerations to remove complexity



Ahlers - DDP Deliveries Russia

Legal entity

Choosing to register a legal entity is one of the most important stages before undertaking a business activity in Russia. Legal presence influences all activity, including financial and tax reporting, customs, and currency control.

Ahlers can provide you the benefits and opportunities of doing business in Russia, without having your own legal entity. We provide the Ahlers’ trading platform to orchestrate your route-to-market and outsource anything from transportation, import, and customs clearance, to order-2-cash operations and local distribution.

Our shared services set-up provides you with the expertise required in Legal, IT, Finance, and HR compliant with Russian legislation. The value we offer is to facilitate your business operations so that you can focus on what you do best: sell your product.

Ahlers - DDP Deliveries Russia

Local staff and expertise

This is where Ahlers comes in. We help you to bring your goods and import them into Russia, providing smooth and easy customs clearance.

Our experts know like no other how complex Russia is as a market and are here to help build your business.

The Ahlers team of native Russians are well-positioned and experienced in transport and DDP (delivery duty paid) deliveries to Russia.

They know procedures, regulations and up to speed on the latest developments. They are here to help, guide, and facilitate your export to Russia as business partners.

Ahlers - DDP Deliveries Russia

Choice of customs clearance

Process and procedure occur directly on the Russian border. Only the minority of B2B goods are cleared under this option, due to significant risks which include delays.

Companies can choose to use custom clearance companies, located within Russia. In such cases, specific transit documents are required to transport the goods through the country without immediate clearance. More than 80% of the goods are cleared this way.

Use of electronic declaration. Clearance takes place in a remote center of declaration within the territory of Russia. All documents are sent there, mainly in electronic format. If the goods need an inspection, the center will ask the customs at the border post to carry this out. The cleared goods can then be shipped to different destinations right from the border. Only 2% of all goods are cleared like this.

Risk management

Ahlers walks you through the stages of control needed, making sure delays are avoided, correct duties are paid, and relieves you from any hassle. We see an increased demand for electronic data sharing such as advanced shipment notifications. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties, impacting your bottom-line results.

Checking Documents and correct classification decision
Incorrect documents, wrong commodity codes, missing permits.
Russia uses its own version of European harmonized codes for classifying goods.  Every product has a designated code linked to payable duties.

Value control
Checking data and contracts, confirming the product price and risk valuation. Looking there are no document discrepancies or missing proof of value.

    Weight of the goods
    Exporting goods to Russia, note that Russian customs are very strict about the weight of goods. Some goods have their customs duties calculated according to the weight of a shipment.
    If a shipment requires further inspection due to being labeled a weight risk, this can result in further costs for a purchaser.

      Payment verification
      Verify the customs fees and duties VAT are correctly paid and no wrong calculation has occurred or additional approval for exemption/preference is required.

      Physical inspection
      Discrepancies in content, manufacturer, country of origin, materials.

      Ahlers your DDP – Delivery Duty Paid Specialist Partner for Russia
      Ahlers started operating in Russia in 1993. The Head office of Russia is in St. Petersburg.
      • Consignment stock.
      • Customs clearances in key regions within Russia.
      • Own bonded warehouse facilities.
      • Delivery and customs clearance services.
      • Certification and registration services.
      • Warehousing and value-added services.
      • Local distribution to distributors and retailers.
      • After-sales services return of goods (RMA).
      • 25 years+ experience in Russia and CIS