Planting fruit trees with Fruitful Office

Two of the 17 UN's sustainable development goals to which we have committed ourselves are
'Good Health and Well-being' and 'Climate Actions'


Good health and Well-being
A good health and well-being are the responsibility of both employer and employee. Putting the health and safety of our employees and customers first is at the core of our values.

Climate actions
Needless to say that without caring about the environment, we, as individuals and as a company, will not have a bright future, nor will our future generations or our legacy.  To say it in the words of our chairman from an interview in the early 90s: “Environmental support is an integral part of the company philosophy”.

1 fruit tree planted for every fruit basket at Ahlers  

One of the sustainable initiatives Ahlers has taken in this respect is the co-operation with Fruitful Office (

For every fruit basket we order, Fruitful Office, in collaboration with Ripple Africa, plants 1 fruit tree in Malawi (Africa). So besides offering a healthy snack to our co-workers, our team has planted 87 fruit trees in the three months from October to December 2018.

The tree plant project

Deforestation is a big problem in Malawi. Together with Ripple Africa, Fruitful Office has committed itself to planting trees and giving information to local communities and schools.

Ahlers supports Fruitful Office for sustainability

This helps reduce the effects of global warming and deforestation, protects the indigenous forests and creates employment and income for local communities in Malawi.

Fruitful Office focuses on guava and papaya fruit trees and fast-growing trees such as pine and eucalyptus species.

Watch the video of the tree plant project: 



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