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11:24:33 (WIT) 30 Mar 2015
PT Ahlers Thoeng is a joint-venture between Ahlers Asia Pte Ltd and the Indonesian company PT Bruno Phala Internasional, fully licensed for international freight forwarding services in all of Indonesia. The quality and reliability of services, a well-organised logistic system and the ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the shippers and overseas receivers have won the company its reputation of being one of the leading forwarders on the island of Java.

This is an Ahlers own office.
Company: Ahlers
Address: Wisma HSBC, 5th floor, Suite 502
Jl. Gajah Mada 135
ID-50134 Semarang
Phone: +62 248443048
Fax: +62 248443051 & 248454366
Email: info(at)semarang.ahlers.com

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Full warehouse details on the Semarang warehouse fact sheet.

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